Some tips to keep apps from collecting your phone data

Some tips to keep apps from collecting your phone data

More than 900 Android apps harvest your data, researchers have found, even if you deny them permission to do so. It is a sobering thought at a time when companies comparable to Google,Facebook, and Amazon are under the microscope for their privacy and security policies. Research has shown that apps with no permissions are capable of piggyback off other apps you’ve got given permissions to. In response to the researchers’ findings, these apps may even collect knowledge out of your Wi-Fi connections.

When you’ve seen advertisements on apps or in your browser for objects you seemed up in a very totally different app, you would possibly discover a few of this data-harvesting at work. Google addresses the privacy issue in Android Q, its OS update for Android phones, which is coming later this year.

If you’re feeling helpless that denying apps permission to your knowledge does not appear to make a distinction, we’re proper there with you. But there are still some issues you can do to make it harder for apps to see the information you don’t need them to.

The apps you download could ask for permission to access your calendar, camera, contacts,microphone,location,phone, SMS, storage, and sensors. Some permissions are necessary for the app to operate. If it’s a mapping app, then sure, location data comes with the territory. If it is a word game asking for your location, maybe say no.

The problem comes when apps ask for permission to parts of your phone that you do not want to grant, or that they don’t want. For example, if you give apps access to your microphone, it’s possible they are listening in, so be aware of what you are giving them entry to. By denying permissions, you possibly can prevent apps from ever seeing your knowledge in the first place.

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