Rumors surface that Apple is testing Face ID for macOS

Rumors surface that Apple is testing Face ID for macOS

Apple seems to be testing out a brand new method for customers to log onto with its next operating systems, according to 9to5Mac. The site reviews that users who’ve put in the beta for iOS 13, iPad OS13, and macOS Catalina can signal onto their accounts utilizing Face ID and Touch ID, on their devices.

Beta users who go to either on their beta-equipped device or on their screens are greeted with a popup asking if the user wishes to use both of these systems, after which proceeds to log them in, without requiring two-factor authentication. It seems as if it could be a convenient step for the company, given that you can already unlock your devices and make purchases with Apple Pay using both systems.

9to5Mac speculates that the feature could be a part of the company’s forthcoming Sign in with Apple tool, which users will be able to use as a single sign-on button for websites, very like Facebook and Google have deployed across the web. Apple has touted itself as a force for privacy on the internet, positioning Face and Touch ID as reliable tools. Given that iCloud was subjected to a significant breach a couple of years ago, it’s easy to see the worth in using the methods to log in.

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